Sorry for not posting for ages so here’s my wedding cake

I am doing a full time teacher training course right now and I have just got married, so I haven’t really done any baking, or updating the blog. Here’s a picture of my wedding cake to make up for it:


Unfortunately the cake was made by my friend, so I don’t even have a recipe (although she did use my Victoria sponge cake recipe for one of the layers)

So again, I’m a bit rubbish right now, but when I’ve sorted out my life, I’ll be back.


Engagement party

A few days ago I had an engagement party which I used as an excuse to try out new recipes on willing guinea pigs. Also I wanted a party.

Here are a few pictures of the yummy food I made (along with the help of my brilliant housemates):

Sweet treats

I made:
Chocolate cake
Apple crumble cake
Rocky road
Lemon biscuits
Banana muffins

Obviously the food was all vegan, and all yummy! I also made a loaf of white bread with thyme and lots and lots of falafel, recipes to follow soon, so keep an eye out for them!

White bread with thyme








The food (especially the cakes) disappeared almost as quickly as the wine…..