Reviews of recipes

It’s really great to hear that people are trying and liking our recipes, so I have decided to collect the reviews of our recipes here from other people’s wordpress sites, facebook pages etc. If you have tried one of our recipes, and have written a blog post about it, I will link it here, if you don’t have a blog, send me an email (at with a picture of the recipe you made and comments about how easy you found it to make, what it tasted liked etc.

The Vegan Green makes our Golden Syrup Cakeoriginal recipe here

Versatile Vegan makes our blueberry pancakesoriginal recipe here


One thought on “Reviews of recipes

  1. Dear Heavenly Baking,

    At last I found the perfect recipe for a lemon cake which turned out perfect! I was surprised and amazed that the cake had risen so well and it tasted great. I should have taken a picture – but my family all loved it so much there was none left when I came to take a picture.

    I’m now going to use the same recipe for my chocolate chip muffins and will let you know how
    they turn out.



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