Sorry for not posting for ages so here’s my wedding cake

I am doing a full time teacher training course right now and I have just got married, so I haven’t really done any baking, or updating the blog. Here’s a picture of my wedding cake to make up for it:


Unfortunately the cake was made by my friend, so I don’t even have a recipe (although she did use my Victoria sponge cake recipe for one of the layers)

So again, I’m a bit rubbish right now, but when I’ve sorted out my life, I’ll be back.


Engagement party

A few days ago I had an engagement party which I used as an excuse to try out new recipes on willing guinea pigs. Also I wanted a party.

Here are a few pictures of the yummy food I made (along with the help of my brilliant housemates):

Sweet treats

I made:
Chocolate cake
Apple crumble cake
Rocky road
Lemon biscuits
Banana muffins

Obviously the food was all vegan, and all yummy! I also made a loaf of white bread with thyme and lots and lots of falafel, recipes to follow soon, so keep an eye out for them!

White bread with thyme








The food (especially the cakes) disappeared almost as quickly as the wine…..

Vegan bake sale – Hillside Animal Sanctuary

The bake sale was completely vegan,  organised by Alex from In Vegetables We Trust, and was raising money for Hillside Animal Sanctuary. It was a brilliant success and we’ll hopefully be doing another one soon.

Yesterday was the first time that people other than my housemates tried my baking, I’m happy to report that it was a success and all of the goodies I had bought along had completely sold out by the end!

Here’s some pictures of what you missed (sorry):

bake sale

bake sale

We made our chocolate brownies (recipe here), chocolate chip cookies (recipe here) and lemon biscuits (recipe here).

Somebody came up to me afterwards to say how good the lemon biscuits were (woo).

Hopefully we’ll be doing some more in the future, so get down to Norwich if you want to try some of our yummy baked goods!

Stop asking me why I’m vegan. Please, just stop it.

There just isn’t a way to tell someone the reasons why you’re a vegan without sounding like you’re being preachy and superior. Also it draw unnecessary attention and criticism for a simple decision you’ve made about the way you want to eat. I’m already very self-conscious about the way I eat because as a child I was very picky, as everyone takes pleasure in repeatedly reminding me, for example, I didn’t like sauce on my food, and under no circumstances could my baked beans touch the rest of my meal.

Whenever, I tell someone that I’m a vegan, it seems to me that they take this as an insult or a judgement on them. I genuinely don’t judge people on the way they eat, it’s up to them, but my own choices should not be subjected to this level of scrutiny or interpreted as a dig at someone else.

The other day, I started a new job and I was incredibly nervous because it is a job I really care about. Unfortunately  it seemed that my way to deal with my nerves was to repeatedly mention the fact that I am a vegan. I think I said it three times in as many hours. Usually among friends, I make a point of not talking about it, it’s them who usually bring it up. Yet the stress of the new job turned me into some kind of walking advert for veganism. I couldn’t stop talking about it, even to general and polite questions about my lunch plans. Why did this happen? I’m now the crazy, obsessive new vegan girl, who will never shut up about it.

Here is a photo I thought might be appropriate for my new persona


Maybe it’s because I have been spending a lot of time recently baking vegan food and writing about it, but I just don’t really understand what happened and why? I need new topics of conversation when I’m stressed/nervous, please help.