A beginners guide to vegan baking

I’m going to attempt to make my favourite meals and desserts vegan as I want to be able to keep eating all of my favourite meals/desserts that I ate as a vegetarian. I’m a new vegan, and if any of you vegan veterans have any advice/suggestions on what I could do, please let me know and leave a comment below. I hope that these posts are helpful for those of you who are transitioning to being a vegan. Click on the following links to find out more about my attempts to make vegan food:

Experiences of a new vegan

Help me… I’m a new vegan!

Stop asking me why I’m a vegan. Please, just stop it.

Not so heavenly, vegan baking failures

The ‘fussy eater’ food blog

Trying my food out on the public – Hillside vegan bakesale

Catering for my engagement party

Savoury Sunday

Sunday dinner for vegans


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