Marbles, the activist cat


I always make sure that I maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene in the kitchen, but some of my housemates aren’t quite as conscientious.

Our house is often full of non-vegan goodies, such as butter and cheese, that are left laying on the table for days on end. Tempting to any potential thief.

Our pet cat, marbles, has decided to make a radical stand for animal rights and is attempting to wean them off their dairy consuming ways. She does this by knocking the butter or cheese off the table, hiding it in the corner and nibbling away at it until someone notices.

This is not the end of her protest however. Within a few hours of eating the cheese she is inevitably sick, normally in one of their bedrooms (sorry about that).

So far our housemates have failed to give in to her cheese eating, vomit inducing acts of terror, but how long can they realistically stand against Marbles’ vomiting political activism?

What should I do? We try to stop her stealing the food (and it’s not like she can break into the fridge, yet) but she has a medical condition which means she is constantly hungry…

Can we, as vegans, stand with this act of protest? Should we get more cats to add weight to Marbles’ protest? Should there not be a cross-species coalition of animals?

Bad kitty


After a hard day’s work trying to force more humans to become vegan/be nice to the cows.






This is a guest post by Sam. I asked him to write something about vegan food or animal rights and he came up with this. Hmmm. 


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